Monique Raimbault, RMFT

Navigating Change

  "I have to believe in possibility. How else can we bear the enormous weight of life?"   -- DivaKaruni

In the past twenty years, I have offered therapeutic assistance to individual adults, heterosexual and gay/lesbian couples, and children & families navigate the process of change.

Navigating life's many demands can sometimes be challenging, leaving us feeling hurt, angry or fearful. But change is an inevitable part of life, whether it's:

- unwelcomed change (medical diagnosis, losing a job, separation)

- lack of change ("I can't stand this any longer"!)

- midlife dissatisfaction

- relationship issues or

- spiritual questions of meaning and existence.

Personal and relationship struggles such as these are normal parts of the human journey, and with the help of a skilled therapist, we can learn how to navigate these challenging moments with greater clarity, ease and peace.