Monique Raimbault, RMFT

Navigating Change


I have found the cure for heartbreak. It is literature. -- Kate Taylor

For therapeutic assistance: 

Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg (2008) is one of my most highly recommended books on communication and taking responsibility for our feelings.  Non-violent communication (NVC) explores honest self-expression of what we need while also meeting the needs of others. For further information, see Rosenberg's website at  There is also a 10 minute video on Youtube. DVDs available at the Winnipeg Centenial Library.

Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships by John Wellwood (2006) explores why human relationships can be so challenging. Wellwood explores how  disappointment and nursing old grievances can deeply affect the well-being of a relationship.  He states: "Unpacking grievances starts to remove the grime that has formed on the windows of the heart, so that love's clear light can enter in more fully." 


For Spiritual Exploration:

Intetgral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity,and Spiritual Awakening (2008) by Wilber, Patten, Leonard and Morelli deepens our understanding of self and the world we live in. Though Ken Wilbur can be a dense read, this book offers a practical approach to navigating Integral Awareness.

The Unfolding Now: Realizing your True Nature through the Practice of Presence (2008 ) by A.H. Almaas explores the discovery of our true nature and differentiating "noise" from "reality".


The Enneagram is a practical study of spiritual growth based on ancient teachings. It describes nine personality types, each defined by a chief mental and emotional concern that influences our understanding of life experiences. It helps us better understand our motivations and those of others. This increased knowledge can help us live with greater compassion for ourselves and others. See for upcoming workshops.


The New Mind is a 7 minute video by Franciscan Father Richard Rohr on the rational mind and contemplative thinking. See

Radical Grace, a publication by the Centre for Action and Contemplation, is available online and offers a downloadable version. It addresses issues on social justice, spirituality, theology and sustainable living. See

In this video, British author Karen Armstrong (2008), speaks for about 20 minutes on how religion can be made a force for harmony. See